Formula for dating age xkcd

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Formula for dating age xkcd

Then take the models that didn’t work for the last twenty years, and run with the errors to the next century… I took the 14,000 pixel cartoon and squeezed it to one shot that shows the curve that matters. ) The secret to a good hockey-stick graph is to never use the same type of data from start to end.

If things like tree rings and ice bubbles were so good at measuring the temperature circa 5,015 BC, why don’t we use them in 2015?

Here is a simple way of calculating your age range, and proven to be quite useful and accurate.(ex) your age=30 (not that I am, just that its a simple number to calculate mind you! so if you're 30 you can't date anyone younger than 22. That person's age / 2 7 = your age ==There are also good things in life as you grow older...

A few days ago, I received two e-mails within an hour of each other informing me that your friend & mine, Randy Munroe, had made a wacky special comic not particularly related to xkcd.

Matt Briggs takes on the graph Stream: xkcd’s Global Warming Time Series Mistakes Adding together lots of errors and uncertainties will make a nice smooth line. This gives the illusion that the climate was once stable.

ain't nothing a nerd likes more than Lord of the Rings.

And sure, there have been parodies of it before, and sure, people have poked fun at it before, especially when the movies came out and were good in some ways but very silly in others.

In that case, the solution isn't to say "hey, this is the best I can do with this incredibly specific topic, sweet, let's post it" but to say "Well if is the best I am going to get out of this particular lotr passage, I should really try a few more passages and see if they lead to anything better."It feels, to take a new tack, like a Mystery Science theater 3000 joke.

Read the first three panels in your best Ian Mc Kellen voice, then switch to your best Tom Servo voice and add "So deep they were stuck in the hole, forever. " Mike () and Crow laugh quickly and the movie moves on, and you forget the mediocre joke because while watching it you also hear 400 other jokes making fun of it.

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