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Jann arden dating

She writes fondly of growing up in Springbank, and as a 10-yearold walking with her friends into Calgary to go swimming at Killarney Pool."We thought nothing of going all that way," she writes.It wasn’t like her, but Arden assumed her mother’s withdrawal was all part of the dementia she’d been suffering from for years.“We just kept attributing everything to Alzheimer’s,” Arden told in an interview."To this day I don't know why they thought I could act and sing in a play," she writes in her memoir, Falling Backwards."Whatever it was those two teachers saw in me, I will never know."The play went rather well on that little stage - Arden's teacher in the wings feeding her the lines she had forgotten and her parents sitting proudly in the audience.Those tests revealed the elder Arden was 70 per cent deaf in both ears.

The Canadian singer-songwriter’s mother Joan had been losing interest in watching movies, an activity she once adored, she never wanted to listen to music anymore either, and she barely had anything to say around the dinner table.

Arden wasn't afraid, rather, she remembers "an unfailing boldness that would become my saving grace over and over as my life continued to unfold."That fortitude has seen Arden, 51, through family issues - her father's battle with alcoholism and her brother's conviction for murder - problems with her heart (she has a pacemaker) and a path to success that included too much alcohol, getting mugged, and working as a deckhand on a fishing boat.

But first, in 1971, Arden and her family moved to Springbank so she and her two brothers could "have fresh air and the chance to go to a smaller school." The family sold their little house on Louise Road in Calgary for ,900 and moved to the country, where they lived in a trailer for a year while her dad built a house.

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13 on CTV and a slew of concerts—continue to highlight her knack for draw inspiration from of all things tragic.