Relative dating of rocks ppt

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Relative dating of rocks ppt

These indicators separate rocks into igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic.Igneous rocks are formed when molten magma cools and are divided into two main categories: plutonic rock and volcanic.If, in the year AD 1600, you had asked an educated European how old the planet Earth was and to recount its history he would have said that it was about 6000 years old and that its ancient history was given by the biblical account in Genesis.If you asked the same question of an educated European in AD 1900 you would have received a quite different answer.Note from a Teacher: I want to personally thank you for all the great teaching lessons that you have written. I just felt compelled to email you and again, say THANK YOU SO MUCH.

I am registered with the Office of the Secretary of the State of Missouri.He would have answered that the Earth was ancient, that there had not been a Noachian flood, and that the species of life had not been fixed over the history of Earth.In short, Genesis was an allegory and not literal history.All these variations also form standards for classifying them in broad categories.Rocks are classified by their mineral and chemical composition, by the texture of the constituent particles and by the processes that formed them.

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Composition of minerals varies from one mineral to another.