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Who is dating whitney mixter

) a member of the respected hip hop group Wu Tang Clan. Kelsey (age impossible to find, but she looks to be in mid to late 20’s) is a rising starlet (according to her Facebook page) and pop singer. Once the original show ended, Showtime produced another show (reality this time) based on the original show and called it “The Real L Word” (way to trick us, Showtime).Whitney and Sada apparently conducted a passionate affair on the series and were married in the show’s final season.Netflix released the trailer for "Dear White People" and well, half of us are doing a praise dance and the other half are cancelling their Netflix subscription. We're all interested to see the new improved single, HAPPY Whitney Mixter. Cue the dramatic music and insert mischievous side eye here.They're accustomed to walking down the catwalk, but models Ashley Graham and Tyra Banks were happy to sit this one out when they attended the Opening Ceremony x Made fashion show in LA on Friday.

We will be married in our hearts in front of our family and friends, but MOST IMPORTANTLY for us, we will be recognized by the Jewish religion, as married, signing a Ketubah and being honored by Jewish law." Cathy De Buono said about falling in love with Jill Bennett: "I fell in love with her sense of self, her sense of humor and her straight forwardness.

Will their sanity work against them in the craziness that is reality TV? Taylor Armstrong and John Bluher: Well, well, well, look what the cat dragged in. The gloss on her over plumped lips isn’t worn off before she lands another reality TV show gig!

With season two of Showtime's hit (and controversial) series The Real L Word hitting DVD shelves, it was the perfect time to catch up with lesbian leading lady Whitney Mixter to find out the latest on the lesbian (possibly reformed) lothario.

Who would you say you’re closest to from the show, both seasons combined? Her business is really taking off and doing really well right now. I think we’ve high-fived and switched roles so she’s working that angle right now and I’m domesticated and cupcake-making. It’ll be good to have a baby within the lesbian circle.

But I’m still really close with Nikki and Jill, and Cori and Kacy. You haven't been officially confirmed as part of the cast for season three.

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is talking about her divorce from Sara Bettencourt in GO MAG.

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